The Earth is Filled…


Holy…Holy…Holy, the earth is filled with His glory. Yes it is. It permeates everywhere.

Yes, unfortunately there is cruelty in this world but beauty also abounds everywhere.

Look around you. Do you see it? Who are you sitting next to right now? Thank the Lord for them, appreciate their God-given beauty. It is God’s glory that created that person.

If you have no one next to you right now, go look in the mirror. Open your eyes wide and see the glory in the reflection and your “one of a kind” creation that you endow this planet with.

Smile wide, internalize this gleaming glory and allow God’s glory to infiltrate your heart.

Now go outside and look up at the bright sun, shining stars, or even the darkest cloud. Glory will bust through that low hanging cloud soon, either through refreshing rain-drops or at the break of a new day with rays of sun to warm your heart, soul, and Earth.

Yes indeed, the Earth is filled with His glory.

About Timothy S.

I am of lover of all. I love people. I believe everyone should be heard and I hope during that process that peace, love, encouragement, learning and growth are spread throughout society. I would much enjoy if you interact with my Journey so I can learn from you. Sign up for email updates when I post a new article.
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