50 Things 

 50 Things

The “Next 100 Years” is a beautiful love song by Bon Jovi where he testifies his love to someone for the next 100 years. Now granted that may sound ritually romantic but it is also unrealistic. Keep the 100 years. I will be happy with another 50 years.
I can relate more to the singer songwriter James Maddock (age 50ish) in his song “Another Life.” He goes on to sing about his desire to live for another 50 years and he mentions a few of the things he would do during this time-period that he calls Another Life.
He mentions riding an elephant, sailing the Baltic Sea, hiking the Himalayas, backpacking in Australia and maybe learn to play the sitar.

Those things sound like fun and with the right resources we can all do those fun-filled things and more if we so desire. One important resource we need to do these things are… time. More time. Perhaps, another 50 years.
As the chorus gets sung by the raspy voice English-born songwriter,”We all want another life, another 50 years to see the Outback and the Himalayas….,” it prompts me to want another 50 years and causes me to think what would I do in the second-half of life that I did not do in my first 49 years.
The suggestion in the song is we all want another 50 years to do things we did not do in the first half of our lives. If you are a contemporary of mine and turning 50 soon, allow me to encourage you to write down 50 things to put on your bucket-list with the goal of accomplishing one of them a year for the next fifty years.
50 things!?!….Start writing now.
Ok, I am closing this writing now because I am going to start jotting a few things on my list. Raise a glass to the next fifty years. I trust they shall be awesome. Come hike the Himalayas with me.


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4 Responses to 50 Things 

  1. Chessberger says:

    Tim perhaps in the next 50 years you could learn how to hold a tune and sing it. Your sure as heck know the words to many songs. But, who am I to judge? As long as the words sound good to you that’s all you need to be concerned about cause you are singing for you and not someone else. Hey, in case you didn’t get enough of the state fair with Andrew I’ll be singing tonight with my group and some last minute add on’s that never sang with us before, it aught to be interesting to say the least, if you feel up to it come out and sing with us. We use to have rules that you had to at least practice with us before you sang with us in public but I guess that went out the window. So show up with your boy around 7pm and have a blast with us.

  2. Argelio says:

    Hi Tim! I hope all is well. Thanks for the story. I hope to live a very long time, and even though I’m not as close to 50, I do have a lot of things I’d like to do now. I hope to accomplish those soon. 🙂 I hope you can complete everything on your bucket list as well. God bless!

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