My story in a nutshell

I am a guy that lived at the top of the world and had everything I ever wanted.

A great wife, a beautiful family, my own company, lots of friends (so I thought) and I was just an extremely happy guy.

An unwanted divorce set in along with a whole host of other problems which caused me to hit bottom.

Through the help of Christ, I am revived and I enjoy happiness on a higher level now.

I am here to tell you that God is real and there is life after divorce.  You just need to call out to Him.

The final chapter of my story has not been written yet, the story unfolds ever single day.

I hope you are encouraged by my story.  We are all on a journey…
Thanks for reading.

4 Responses to My story in a nutshell

  1. well I’m your true friend Timothy 🙂 so is Troy 🙂 the best thing about Gods grace Timothy is its good enough for us even when we think we are not deserving 🙂 Jesus dying in the cross makes us good enough for Gods grace buddy…never forget that partner 🙂 I love you brother. Thankyou for being my buddy. Kyle

  2. Anonymous says:

    everyday is a page in our book of life! Thank you for sharing and encouraging those who read your blog!

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