A Hungry Heart for the Homeless

Hungry people lined up at Kyle's car.

Hungry people lined up at Kyle’s car.

Today one of my Texas buddies passed from this earth and went home to be with the Lord. This is the text I received from his wife.

Kyle breathed about one minute on his own. In the ultimate healing, the Lord took him home at 10:12 am, Wednesday, October 22, 2014. Praise God for the life that was Chef Kyle Humphrey. He is no longer suffering and in pain. It was my privilege to make sure the little boy who just wanted to be loved knew he was loved and to hold his hand as he passed. I thank the Lord that I know I will see him again in heaven. Hearts for the Homeless will continue in his memory. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to Hearts for the Homeless, 6616 Aztec Ct., Fort Worth, Texas 76135. Thanks! God Bless you! Alma”

Kyle had a strong purpose while here on Earth. He was an example of love. Springsteen’s most popular song “Hungry Heart” comes to mind when I think of Kyle. Kyle’s heart hungered to feed the homeless. Bruce suggests “Lay down your money and you play your part, everybody has a hungry heart” Kyle did. He layed down his money and he played his part and he did it well.

My buddy Kyle not only had the biggest heart of anybody I know, he had a hungry heart for homeless people and wielded a strong desire wanting everybody to be fed that could not afford to eat.

His passion was to make sure nobody In Dallas Fort Worth went hungry. He would have done it every day but with limited resources and funds he could only commit to one day a week. Faithfully every Friday without fail, a long line of hungry homeless people at lunch-time lined themselves up in orderly fashion along a brick wall of an abandoned graffiti style factory and watch Kyle and his wife Alma pull up in their SUV, lift the tailgate as they ran towards his car and distribute a trunk full of brown paper bags. Each bag (sack, as they say in Texas)contained a sandwich, a cold bottled water and a sack of chips or some sort of goodie.

sack lunches

They absolutely loved it. Kyle would recruit four or five volunteers and have an assembly line in his house with each person participating in making the sandwiches while another person opened the sack and another person sealed the sandwich in a baggie. Kyle smiled the biggest smile with joy written all over his face while overseeing this process take place in his own home.

Kyle was once homeless and he promised God if he gets his own home he would feed the homeless and take fresh food to the streets.. And he did. He started a charity/ministry called “Hearts for the Homeless”

His wife is hoping this ministry continues in Kyle’s memory,
You can like his page on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/heartsforthehomeless If you care to donate any small amount to this noble cause, just send a check to Hearts for the Homeless.

I will always remember Kyle and I will never forget that hot summer Friday afternoon in Texas when I experienced the joy of serving with Kyle for half a day. Kyle’s spirit will live forever. Rest in peace my brother.  You are forever loved!

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4 Responses to A Hungry Heart for the Homeless

  1. Lindsey says:

    We should do something like this in New Jersey. One of the clubs I’m in does something similar but only once a month where you pack a lunch for a homeless person and yourself and sit with them for the afternoon and offer lunch and a friend to talk to

  2. Argelio says:

    What a great and awesome story! I don’t think I knew Kyle, but he sounds like he was great person with a great heart. May God continue to bless his family and his ministry. By the way, “Hungry Heart” is one of my all time favorite songs. 🙂 God bless you, Tim!

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a nice story. Your friend had a wonderful ministry. God bless his family and the ministry.

  4. Norma says:

    Im very sorry to hear about your friend Tim.
    My condolences to his family .
    Kyle left a great legacy !

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