“Somewhere in the swamps of Jersey”

8 Responses to Contact

  1. ivy white says:

    hey tim, hello fro ivy in los angeles!

    ivy (mona’s sis)

  2. Julie Harris says:

    I love your camera angle on life’s journey – It’s mellow dealings with the obscure things in life! Keep up the unique focus and seeing the itsy-bitsy things God loves! It all matters!

  3. ennis2ennis says:


    A pleasure to talk to another on similar journeys. Follow his path, walk to the light.

    Be Blessed my Brother

  4. Greg says:

    “Just a Guy On A Journey” has been a Blessing to many. I am going to identify 3 people to pray for and pas this on.

    Revivals have begun with fewer. Keep up the good work “journey” guy.

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