Restless Hearts


“Restless Hearts”

With the book wide-open,

I shared with the world how I was hoping

With my eyes open-wide as quick as a blink,

my heart got tattooed more permanent than ink

With my heart bubbling crimson-red spilling out passion

Monogamy speaks words of fashion

Robins whistling in the park
Two doves nesting after dark

Never knew life could be this fun
Two restless hearts beating as one

Taking in lucid lights of New York City,

Never realized a woman could be perfectly pretty

The love of God radiates through her face

Jesus knows I am in the right place

Looking through windows hanging on glass,

It’s time to fracture, fracture the past

I tasted this life so I ended up winning,

I am so thankful for another new -beginning

Journey sings “I get the joy of rediscovering you”

And the Lord my God makes all things new…

For this I am forever grateful

If my heart carried bonds, I hold a bank full


About Timothy S.

I am of lover of all. I love people. I believe everyone should be heard and I hope during that process that peace, love, encouragement, learning and growth are spread throughout society. I would much enjoy if you interact with my Journey so I can learn from you. Sign up for email updates when I post a new article.
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2 Responses to Restless Hearts

  1. Monifa says:

    The poetry and photos on your site are creative, peaceful and inspiring. Keep sharing your artistic gifts with others! Please post this poem on Dare SAMM Productions’ Facebook page.

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