Meet the Day!


Paul McCartney woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across his head. Well…at least I woke up. The best part of waking up is not only sipping caffeine extracted from coffee-beans in my cup and the delightful aroma it dispels, it is a start to a brand-new day. Praise God!

Did your week start off wrong on Monday? Did you screw up yesterday? I did. I always do but I am given a new day each day for an unknown amount of time so I am grabbing each day like a cowboy grabs a bull by the horns squeezing every ounce of strength from each day.

Who cares about yesterday? Yesterday is over. Today is a new slate, clean and ready for your fill. A fresh-beginning. The birds are chirping, the air is still and is freshly loaded with tasteful oxygen.
Enough oxygen to feed this beating heart that pumps constantly looking to grow each day in relationship with my loving Lord Jesus Christ and expel constant joy, love, and peace among my brothers and sisters of this breath-filled world.

I remember my Statistics teacher and often his quote comes to mind from twenty-five years ago, when he said, “Consistency is the mark of an interesting mind.” If Professor Dr.Loeb is correct, my mind is interesting because I consistently fail at getting the most out of each day but TODAY IS A NEW DAY!

Failure stimulates greatness. When you look at yesterday and say I am not going to do that again and you give your new day a fresh shot in the arm and spring out of bed, greatness abounds!

What’s on the other side of failure and bad habits? Of course the answer is success and good habits. Part of success is living each day to the fullest, meeting responsibilities , enjoying life, starting over, and spreading love and kindness.

Get up! Jump out of bed. Face the day with great optimism. It’s a new day! Start over. Even if the morning was bad, you can make the afternoon good and the evening shine with a glow of freshness on your face radiating an attitude of “I did it. I made it a great day.” I can do it and you can do it too.

Don’t let anything keep you down. Ask God for strength and courage and as the Company Commander screams in boot-camp long before the sun even comes up…”POP TALL!!!!”

Jump up on the line, stand proudly. Stand with your back straight up and erect. Stand tall in the walk of life.
Do what the “Man in Black” Johnny Cash did. Walk the line with great confidence, optimism and the knowledge you are a child of the “King of Kings” and that alone my love is a reason enough to meet the day joyously shouting, “Bring it on, I am ready!” It’s a new day. Meet the day, meet today. This guy on a journey is ready, are you?

About Timothy S.

I am of lover of all. I love people. I believe everyone should be heard and I hope during that process that peace, love, encouragement, learning and growth are spread throughout society. I would much enjoy if you interact with my Journey so I can learn from you. Sign up for email updates when I post a new article.
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3 Responses to Meet the Day!

  1. Betty Zittel says:

    Right on!

  2. lindsey says:

    I love this dad! I feel the same way! This is why I love mornings!

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