4 Thanks! Yes Four.


4 Thanks.

4 Thanks

It would be cliche to say to count your blessings on this season of thanks. A time when people preparing the annual turkey and expecting family often stress out about getting everything done just right.

The stores are packed with people scurrying to make sure they have everything they need to prepare a feast. Feasting is a beautiful thing that takes root in Biblical times. Everyone loves a good fiesta, that trend never ended.

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to reconvene and with an abundance of broken homes in our great country, families can’t always be together on the appointed holiday.

Not in a cynical sense but Thanksgiving is on an arbitrary date on the calendar and does not represent a specific date in history, therefore it can be celebrated anytime of the year regardless of what the calendar says.

If the holiday is truly for the purpose of gathering families and breaking bread together and being in the presence of each other , then why do it only once a year? Maybe once a quarter is more appropriate.

What would it look like if you scheduled your loved ones for a thankful fiesta the first Sunday of each season, winter, spring, summer, and fall?
For those fortunate enough to have their full families together, this would be a beautiful blessing and more of a necessity for divorced families.

For the children that are products of divorce, each year they can count on two Thanksgivings with each parent. Taking time out twice a year for those you love the most can be the start of a healthy tradition.

The turkey does not have to lay down its life only on a legally appointed holiday. I like the fact of
each family scheduling their own committed holiday where it is not recognized nationally. Such a date will be void of Black Fridays and madness in the supermarkets.

It is a win/win for all and it carries less stress and less traffic on the heaviest travel day of the year.
Celebrating once a year just does not cut it.

As I write this, I am going to implement this with my own family and celebrate “Family” formally on one day each season that is set aside for the people that we are most thankful for.

Instead of calling it Thanksgiving, I will call it “4 Thanks” for four times a year.
With an overflowing of thankfulness and so much to be thankful for, isn’t more than once a year necessary for all families anyway?

Why not do this? There is no shortage of turkeys in these great States. Who is with me on this idea? For me, as in poker, I’m All In.

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  1. Dorothy Renz says:

    Again another great post!

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