A Man’s Work is His Signature.

Louie Anderson

Smiling with a gap between his front teeth nearly the width of Wisconsin, Louie Anderson signs the joker in my deck of playing cards on a flight back from Montego Bay. 

A friend today sends a text informing me Louie Anderson passed away. I tell him of my experience on the plane with Louie and my friend cynically states too bad he didn’t give you ten cents, that’s worth more than his autograph. 

If Louie simply gave me a dime I probably would have forgotten the humble contribution. I will always remember my encounter with Louie because it’s who he is. As a comedian he is a full-time joker and his signature affirms that.  

My Dad taught me at a young age, “A man’s work is his signature.”  That is why it is important to always do a good job whether you are volunteering or getting paid. 

One of my favorite skits by the comedian was him telling how was carrying out a 55 gallon drum of 7-up from 7-11 and people looked at him like a pig. Unashamedly, he says “What? It was only a nickel more.”

So perhaps if he gave me a dime I would have been able to super size a Big-Gulp a couple of times.

But instead he gave me this story. Thank you Mr. Anderson. Rest In Peace. 

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