Watch Out For Snakes

Slithering slowly along the side of the trail a 3 to 4 foot rattle snake slowly makes his way back into the woods.

Enamored in awe for such a sighting is rare on the Jersey and New York State border, after all today’s hike is not taking place in Arizona. I want to get up close but wisdom suggests the best way to avoid getting bit by a snake is to avoid the snake.

Snapping a picture I am fortunate I have my good camera in stow and there is no need to get close.

Continuing my hike along this rigid mountainside my eyes are now open as wide as the width of the Grand Canyon in an effort to avoid danger.

I have encountered a few snakes over the past year near my residence and places of work and my friend ask me why are you coming across all these snakes?

Climbing the rocky mountainside with my eyes now peeled wide-open for these slithery creatures my thoughts are why are these snakes in my life and do I have a story here built around seeing snakes.

After taking a breather on top of the summit and shooting a quick photo overlooking the lengthy Greenwood Lake from far into the air, I start my hike down along the Appalachian Trail back to base camp.

Within twenty steps of me descending off the mountain ledge and a few seconds later I hear the bushes rustling out of nowhere.

A quick look up reveals another 3 foot plus snake slithering along as he stops for a quick picture. This one is without a rattle but the timing of seeing it tells me you have a snake story Tim or at least a lesson about snakes.

Look closely to the left of the tree.

“Watch out for snakes!”

Snakes are real in reptile form and unfortunately experience shows me there are also human snake-like people. Avoid them!

Watch out for snakes.

Almost finished with my thought provoking hike I stop cold in my tracks. This time not on the side of the well-traveled trail but in the exact center of the path coiled up and rattling is a giant snake. He is warning me with his tongue flickering in and out and a tail shaking with the sound of a rattle as if a baby is in a crib nearby shaking a little toy.

Taking my camera out of the bag Mr. Rattler is coming towards me.

Common sense says go around the snake but first I had to get a picture for this story.

Watch out for snakes!

When you encounter a snake on your journey do not invite it for a walk with you. Avoid it, keep on walking but simply walk around it.

The message for me today and I share with you is “Watch out for snakes.”

If you do not want to get bit WATCH OUT FOR SNAKES!

About Timothy S.

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