Eagle Spirit/Honorary Eagles

The Eagle Spirit/Honorary Eagles
Last night I had the great pleasure of seeing my son get awarded the highest honor the Boy Scouts maintain with the rank of Eagle Scout. Only 4% of the scouts become official card-carrying Eagle Scouts for you must reach the rank by the age of 18 or you are disqualified.
Eagles are taught to have character, be diligent, and to help others. They work hard and make a giant commitment to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.
My son is now part of an elite brotherhood that carries ancient prestige from 1910 just over a century ago when the Boy Scouts began their charter.

A familiar boy-scout slogan is to “Do a good turn daily.” The vast majority of our population are not Eagle Scouts and will never be Eagle Scouts yet the mindset of the Eagles would benefit society at large if it were multiplied on a larger scale.
With that in mind, wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all adopted the Boy Scout motto and do a good turn every day? How would other people benefit if you did a good deed every-day? How would you feel if you committed to do a good deed every-day and filled your commitment?
Can we be honorary Eagles and exemplify the values and the service of actual Eagle Scouts? Are we willing to refresh others?
I invite anyone who is reading this story to do a good deed everyday. With or without the title and pin of an Eagle Scout, we can all adopt this beneficial principle.
Are you ready? Are you willing to help the elderly cross the street or help them unload their car with groceries? Are you willing to give somebody a jumpstart when the battery on their car is dead or shovel a stranded person out of the snow when their tires spin relentlessly in the white-stuff and their vehicle is motionless?
We can all have the Eagle’s spirit. It is an act of service. Care to join the honorary ranks?

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4 Responses to Eagle Spirit/Honorary Eagles

  1. Argelio says:

    Congratulations, Tim! This is awesome! God bless!

  2. Scouting provides valuable life lessons and impacts your personhood for life . Tell your son, “Well done !”.

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