She’s Home


Today I witnessed the most beautiful touching memorial service of my life.
There was not a dry eye in the house when her faithful husband shared how he walked her down the aisle to meet Jesus the same way a father would walk his daughter to give away in marriage.

And then they played the song “He was walking her home,” by Mark Schultz. OMG, I get choked up writing this as I replay that song in my head. I have never seen so many mature men crying at the same time. Sure, the guy sitting next to me tried holding back but he was wiping tears the way we all did today.

These were tears of joy when you know and see the love of God and hear passionate words coming through her loving husband. Like I said, not a dry eye in the house.

After the service I came home and was inspired to write this poem. I hope people find comfort in this writing if they have ever lost someone to Heaven.

“She’s Home”

Walking her home he learned more about her ultimate Father
He wanted her to stay but she said, I am ok, I love you, please don’t bother

A peaceful introduction needed not a word spoken, as He smiled wide receiving a body completely unbroken

Hands enjoying a touch that have the power to light up the whole Earth with just a single-touch…no hospital exist or is needed, not even a crutch

Feet flowing freely as her arms entered an unending love of embrace, it is the happiest she has been, being face to face, with the creator of the human race.

She soaked up His all-loving, and all mighty, grace….grace…grace….

Pearls began to shine brighter and brighter as they reflected off His artwork, what we simply call stars

They were designed this way to remind her love ones, Jesus erased all the scars

With great joy, her Father led her down a road paved with 316 karat gold, gold purer than she ever imagined or expected,

previously she can only see 24 karat but He wanted to reward her in great-awe for all the people she so positively affected

God said to her, I saved this awesome awe for your pleasant surprise,

welcome home My child, you now have perfect peace with the purest love…. as you see through My grace-filled eyes

Welcome home.

About Timothy S.

I am of lover of all. I love people. I believe everyone should be heard and I hope during that process that peace, love, encouragement, learning and growth are spread throughout society. I would much enjoy if you interact with my Journey so I can learn from you. Sign up for email updates when I post a new article.
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8 Responses to She’s Home

  1. Beautiful and a very touching story Tim.

  2. Carol says:

    A beautiful story, Tim.

  3. Argelio says:

    I agree…great story!

  4. Amber says:

    Nice story

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