A Directed Journey

12-1-2013  The Right Place

The Right Place

When I got back home to New Jersey this summer I automatically resume attending the church I attended with a dear friend I met on my wonderful journey.
We no longer walk in each other’s company and attending her church magnified our lack of active friendship with each other so I prayed for God to lead me to a new church and give me a better feeling when I am in His House.
The same week I am led down Marshall Hill Road in West Milford Township. Bingo! I can now see why God steered me to live in the most Northern part of Jersey where the air is mountain-fresh and the roads are high and hilly. Exploring the local roads, I surprisingly drive by a wooden-sign that made me do a rubber-necking double-take, the word Journey pops out at me as I wheel on by the Journey Church for the first time.
Is God answering my prayer right away as I decided just a few days earlier to find a new church? Yes He is, and I did not have to look far! The Journey Church is about five miles from my house and is actually the closest church to my home the way the starlings fly. My former church was a 45 minute-ride and about three premium gallons of unleaded fuel consumed per round-trip.
Sure enough, visiting the Journey Church http://www.awakenj.com, I believe I am in the right place for “just a guy on a journey.”
Seeking confirmation from God that this is the church for me for right now, I pray silently and then wait a moment or two. I flip open up to Haggai 2 and it says the twenty-second day of the seventh month…..and He goes on about filling the temple with His glory.
Haggai is a book in the Bible I have never layed eyes on before. I see why it is called to my attention.
I check my notes and I see my first time at Journey Church was July 22 (The 7th month, 22nd day). I believe God is telling me, “This is your new church Tim.”
Furthermore, the Pastor tells me the church is on a spirit-led journey that started September, 2012. September, 2012 is the same time I started my blog justaguyonajourney.com. Our journeys coincide with each other. Everything lines up. It makes perfect sense coupled with me “just knowing” I belong here. God is giving me written clues just so I know for sure.
Proverbs 3:6 says in all ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.
Rest assured, God definitely answers prayer and gives us direction when we seek it. One just needs to ask and then listen with expectation. Be encouraged my friends, He does answer and will guide you appropriately to where you can serve Him best while enhancing your growth. He has a plan. Are you open to hearing it?

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9 Responses to A Directed Journey

  1. Betty Z says:

    I am just one of the many beneficiaries that find you a very special friend. Thanks so much for hearing the heart and the voice of God. Your sister Betty Z

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have a happy holiday Tim, think of you often. Dorothy

  3. Argelio says:

    This is great, Tim! I’m glad to know that you are listening to God and that He is giving you confirmation. God bless you!

  4. lindsey says:

    I love this story:) you told ang and I this in detail at Doorbrook
    Love you Dad
    Cant wait to be living an hour closer to to you

  5. Gema says:

    Beautiful story Tim!! Glad to hear how great our God is!!! Many blessings on your Journey!!! 🙂

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