Standing confidently before my God in expectant prayer at a cheesy Southern motel, I ask Him for yet another confirmation about my recent decision to move west again.
I had just given my written notice to my landlord that I will not be renewing my lease although I completely love my life and friends in Texas.

As I said, expectant prayer. Moving another 1500 miles again, I just wanted extra confirmation from God that I am doing the right thing. The Lord placed on my heart to move to California after my one year stay in Dallas, so I trust I am doing the right thing and hearing Him correctly.

California is huge and a certain area pulls me the same way the moon directs the tide, on course and on purpose. I just do not know the purpose yet. The needle on my internal compass strongly points due west with a slight touch of North.

During my prayer, the television in the background broadcasts a “Visit California”commercial and the sound waves emanate “California, come here now.” I love when God orders certain events and messages for me to receive when I am in His presence.

I am like…ok God. My ears are wide open. I hear you, I know you want me out West but what city?

The next day in Huntsville, Alabama my buddy Randy wants to take a ride to the church he was saved in 20 years ago and take a picture. The other guys stayed back at the motel. I opted to take the eventful five minute ride. “Something” told me to go.

We pull into the empty parking lot and there it is. A clear message for me at God’s house. Graffiti usually comes in neon spray paint draping brick walls with it’s colorful artwork, not this time.

This graffiti has no vibrant colors and most people would not even see it. I wasn’t looking for it yet it jumped out at me, carved with precision into the aluminum air-conditioning coils of the central-air cooling system, bent in perfect formation, the fins spell out two words…”West Coast”.

I immediately thank God for yet another confirmation, I am almost in disbelief that the inner parts of a cooling unit reflect “West Coast” in the afternoon sun at an Alabama Church, but then I say, why not… it’s God. He can talk to me anyway He chooses.

OMG! As I write this at 3:55 AM, a song currently just came on the radio about California waiting, and it says let it rain on me.
I am shocked once again, God has another message for me. I quickly write the lyrics I hear…California is waiting, rain down on me…

So as I write about about God speaking to me, He rains another message down on me and it nearly blows my mind just like the tv commercial. God is beyond super cool. He always amazes me.

Now, back to my story about the metal West Coast carving. Upon a closer look, there are also two prominent letters etched into the ac unit. Embedded are the letters L and A, the inscription dangles in the same shape of the threads sewn on a Los Angeles baseball cap.


Unless God throws a curve ball at me, it looks like L.A. is the city where this guy on a journey is heading next.

Do you need direction in your life??God says in Psalm 32:8, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go, I will guide you with My eye.” This is so true!! Praise the Lord!!!

Road signs are generic and are for everybody. Your sign may not be in the crest of an old clunky piece of metal like mine is, but it will be specific to you and you will know it’s yours and who it is from.

Happy trails my friends. Just ask.

About Timothy S.

I am of lover of all. I love people. I believe everyone should be heard and I hope during that process that peace, love, encouragement, learning and growth are spread throughout society. I would much enjoy if you interact with my Journey so I can learn from you. Sign up for email updates when I post a new article.
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9 Responses to CaliFIRMation

  1. Roxsburg, Cheeseburger says:

    Nice Story Tim, are you sure its not your heart telling you to follow your old girlfriend? That nice Spanish girl that I ,met at Lafayette VILLAGE? What ever your dreams tell you, I am sure God will guide you this I am certain. Be careful in LA it can be a dangerous place.

    When will you be leaving?

  2. Normalicious says:

    God amazes us everyday. It is beautiful on how the Lord confirmed your next destination.
    You will be missed in Texas!
    I am a very blessed woman to have an honest friend like you. You will have a wonderful life in Cali, and new doors will open for you.
    Your articles have helped to see what really should matter in my life, not to mention I have enriched my vocabulary and my english has improved ( I think) lol
    Continue writing my friend!
    God bless you Timoteo.

  3. Dorothy Renz says:

    So happy to hear from you – wondered how you were! Good luck in California, I miss it so much. Wish for you to have all your dreams answered and a wonderful life there. Please keep in touch.


  4. Kevin Carey says:

    Best of luck on your journey my friend…many never find their direction and some never follow it.

    • Thanks for the comments my friends. You are right Kevin, many people don’t follow their dreams and or direction and that’s a crying shame. Step out, take large steps. Just do it!

  5. LIndsey says:

    it seams as if you are willing to listen god is always telling us where to go! Thats how I knew I had to go to Hawaii for a bit

  6. If only you were moving to the San Diego area, then maybe I would rethink my planned move to Dallas. Oh well……

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