No lights, no sound, no motor car…


No lights, no sound, no motorcar, not a single luxury…

Really now? Everyone has lost power before but this is extreme.
It’s been 5 plus straight days already for many of my Jersey people with no end in short-term sight. Lack of power for more than two hours in these parts of the woods is uncanny.

Tunnels closed into NYC, subways closed, trains not rolling, buses canceled. Atlantic City casinos closed for 5 days straight etc. etc.

People are running low on food, and unhappily waiting in line for gasoline for as long as four hours. I can only imagine the frustration.

This is not what the East coast is about. This is as common as a rattling earthquake in the Great NorthEast. It just does not happen.

What possible good can come out of all this? Perhaps it will show us we are not immune to disaster. I am hoping it proliferates gratefulness. Gratitude for all the uninterrupted years of peace and constant beauty we enjoyed at the Jersey Shore and throughout our whole great state.

Will it help us appreciate advanced civilization as we know it? Do we take for granted when we simply flick a switch and a light comes on? Thankfully, we don’t even know what a wooden icebox is. Conscientiously, we are not thankful for our refrigerators cycling freon 24 hours a day keeping the cherries for our luscious sundaes fresh and the whipped cream from spoiling. Praise the Lord adding ice purchased from an ice house is not necessary. The Ben &Jerry’s never melts.

It is the little things we often take for granted in life yet when we lose them, those things are no so little after all, are they?

My contemporaries all grew up giving attention to the boob-tube when that three hour tour song came on. Running to the living room where the single tv entertained us through its rabbit ears, we watched Gilligan’s Island broadcast the lack of modern day conveniences in having no light, no sound, no motor car not a single luxury. Look at the effects of this stone age atmosphere. The skipper was always ornery, easily annoyed and in a perpetual state of frustration broken only when a new idea came up for escaping from the deserted island. BTW, (I believe Maryann is the “hot one” not the “movie star.” There is no shortage of those in California and fortunately we are not stranded long term so we can hop on a plane anytime and find our own movie star.)

This is not TV though. This is real. Now it is my friends and family experiencing this archaic lifestyle and my wish is somehow I can help them physically with dry goods or whatever they need. I do know God answers prayer and good things are coming soon. You just gotta look up to the one that created all this.

If I may, allow me to encourage you, that “back to the usual” is not too far off. Yes, it will take some time and plenty of prayer, but rebuilding will surely arrive. It will not tarry.

On my journey I learned to give thanks in every situation no matter how trying it is or may seem. In the vast majority of the cases it could be a whole lot worse. Always give thanks and be optimistic.

What can we learn from Gilligan? He never gave up hope that one day they will all be flying or floating back to the mainland. Optimism is key!

Hang in there my friends. Just think how grateful and thankful you will be when the lights go on, the sound of music fills the salt air, the motor cars have fuel, and the luxury of a refrigerator is actually seen as luxury. It’s going to feel great, isn’t it?

About Timothy S.

I am of lover of all. I love people. I believe everyone should be heard and I hope during that process that peace, love, encouragement, learning and growth are spread throughout society. I would much enjoy if you interact with my Journey so I can learn from you. Sign up for email updates when I post a new article.
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4 Responses to No lights, no sound, no motor car…

  1. Susie young says:

    Sometimes we just needed to be reminded how much we take for granted. Hopefully it won’t always take devastation to remind us of the important things – love God, love people.

  2. sandy satten says:

    I have developed a new appreciation for Thomas Edison… flicking a switch to get instant light…Amazing! Thanks for you post…it was illuminating!

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