Guys, it is called PASSION!

Guys, it’s called Passion

Palms are sweaty, butterflies are flapping their spontaneous wings in your belly. Smiling ear to ear you are going to see her momentarily and enjoy the scent Al Pacino experienced in “Scent of a Woman.”
Waiting anxiously to lock your eyes with her eyes, the heart flows blood at an elevated pace. Placing your forehead on hers, a giant grin takes place as you fold both your hands gently into her precious hands. Eskimo kissing, you wiggle your noses together and excitingly say hi to each other.
Hugging her, a plethora of loving hugs flow naturally. Kissing her forehead, neck,cheeks, nose, admiring her eyes, the embracing is nearly irresistible.

Next, standing at the sink she is cutting the stems on the fresh flowers you brought her as you gently massage her shoulders. You are happy knowing the bright flowers make her heart smile as she enjoys the vivid living colors and smell of nature permeating her home all week. Adding joy to this person’s life is high on the priority list. You soak up the joy, the joy this person gives you and the joy you give her. It is called passion.

It has no perversion of any sort. It is simply when you can not get enough of someone. Your hearts are open and attract each other whether you choose to or not.

How does this happen? It’s called chemistry, when two people click and want to shower each other with caring and love. They can not do enough for the other person.

Is it infatuation? No. It’s just a really good vibrating feeling when you like someone so much, you just want to hold their hand and run your fingers through their hair and give them the attention they deserve while listening to their every concern.

This behavior happens when lovers start a new relationship and over time unfortunately it fades and becomes pale.

Could you imagine if this happened everyday for fifty years with the same person? Everyday your love deepens and you care so much for the other person that you automatically place your needs in second position and put hers first.

You are not afraid of losing this person to another man because you fill her cup above the brim and it spills over. You protect her, support her, admire her, recognize her beauty, reassure her of her beauty. You encourage her to be all she wants to be.

You make sure she has plenty of time for her girlfriends and her own personal time to regroup. You give her space and it draws you even closer together because the hours apart you are both thinking, I can’t wait to see my best friend.

It’s the best friend part that keeps that passion alive. It does not have to wear away, although everyone says it does. Unfortunately I have a slight tendency to buck the system and this is one area where I wish to prove the marriage books wrong. We can burn with a loving passion if we choose to. It is a choice.

Yes, certain days will be tough because it’s called life. But with commitment to a higher-standard of love to each other, your love can grow off the charts exponentially.

If the person ever takes ill, you are privileged to be the one to hold their hand and nurse them back to health. You are empathetic. You take care of them even if you have to jump on them to shield them from a piercing bullet.

You are nothing other than kind to this person. You listen to her, all ears in tune to what she is saying. You hear about her dreams, wishes, and fantasies. You do everything in your power to make those things come to pass. You do it spontaneously and surprise her often.

Sometimes people do not have this chemistry and there is no staying power in the relationship and love fades away.

Suddenly full moons lose their shine, waterfalls just sound like a clanging whirlpool-tub, and the stars lose their brilliance.

My next time around, I will never miss an opportunity to dance in the moonlight and Eskimo kiss. I will picnic with her on a blanket that holds a basket of peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches, close our eyes and listen for God’s voice as the waterfalls crash to the riverbed so loudly it causes an echo and tiny droplets of moist mist sprinkles her hair. I will not allow a bright starry night go by when I don’t try to find her face in the stars.

I will appreciate her, never take her for granted and in return she gives me undying love and quintessential respect.

I am proud of this Princess. I want her to get all dolled up and escort her to taste all the cultures of the world, from fine cuisine, fine art, and music we discover along the way whether it is planned or unplanned and dance the night away.

We will start each morning in prayer and give thanks to our everlasting and loving God every night. We will be blessed to worship together arm in arm.

She will wear flowers in her hair often, not just in San Francisco. The flowers will accent the natural glow in this fine lady’s face.

Her chair will always be pulled out for her and she will not know what a door handle feels like in my presence.

She is an angel. An angel of the Lord. She gives me long-term companionship. She is my baby, the one I am to feed and nourish whether it is simply spoon feeding her yummy dessert or spoiling her with luscious compliments on her style, good-looks, her delicious smile, and most importantly on her inner-being.

I want to breathe this woman in. I am committed to her and only have eyes for her.

Do these type of relationships exist? On my journey I learned that they do.

Be patient, you will know right out of the gate whether or not they are the one.

I encourage you to never settle for any less. Fairy tales do come true with divine intervention.

About Timothy S.

I am of lover of all. I love people. I believe everyone should be heard and I hope during that process that peace, love, encouragement, learning and growth are spread throughout society. I would much enjoy if you interact with my Journey so I can learn from you. Sign up for email updates when I post a new article.
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2 Responses to Guys, it is called PASSION!

  1. Roxsburg, Cheeseburger says:

    From the first moment I began to read this story it reminded me my dog Fendi. We are true companions and spend most of our time in each others presence and apart allowing each other to grow through friendships and family and I attend to her needs and she speaks words of love to me that only God has chosen us a mutual understanding a language that only the two of us understand and she knows when I am thinking about her cause she finds me and is by my side. Thanks for posting this it gave me a better understanding of her and a longing for a better relationship with my wife, perhaps I can help her to see how much I love her 10,000 times more than my Fendi.

    • I am glad you found it inspirational Gary. Make sure your wife knows how much you love her. Always tell her with all sincerity so you don’t end up like me. Thanks for commenting. Love ya brother!

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