Worry and a Smile

As I cruise a dark road in the Lone Star State a bright yellow smiley-face glows effervescently so brightly it brought me an instant smile to my face.

I swing the car around immediately. The clock is approaching midnight. In the balmy 61 degree still weather, I open my window, pause and find myself smiling back at this happy face.

The electric sign suddenly serves as a magnet, treating me like a piece of iron and pulling me towards it inviting me to take a photograph.

A moment before this oversized smiley-face greeted me while it took up valuable advertising space permanently alongside an All State Insurance Agency sign, I was daydreaming as my car navigated the unfamiliar country road. My thoughts were don’t worry, be happy.

Happy is my mantra. I find great joy on my journey through life, but occasionally an undesirable image unwelcomely enters my mind and it causes a burst of quick acting stress with a bit of fear as its partner.

No matter how happy we are and protected we are, there are evil forces in this world and they will attack us. The assault often takes place in the midst of a peaceful moment. I just enjoyed my evening with some beautiful and loving friends.

So why would I say “Don’t worry, be happy?”

Lord knows there are some things we have no control over. We can not change how some things that are near and dear to our heart play out.

We can only control our response to these dehabilitating thoughts when out of nowhere they quickly enter our mind. Knowing worry is unproductive, a good response is Be Happy.

It is like Kane from Kung Fu (mid 70’s television series) said to Grasshopper, “Why worry? Will it change the future?”

We know the obvious answer is no to that thought provoking and powerful question yet we allow unwanted worry into our precious minds stirring fear that affects the best of moods, interrupting that peaceful easy feeling.

If you can not change something, why worry? We worry because fear creeps in. Fear is nothing short of crippling and the opposite of faith.

In my changed state of worrying, God reached out to me when He observed His child feeling a burden. God’s love overcomes evil forces. He placed Don’t Worry, Be Happy in my head and in less than a Texas mile up the road a well lit yellow happy face shines brightly lighting my path.

My eyes happily absorb the smiley-face posted in front of me and my heart thanked God gleefully for displaying a picture worthy and timely message for me in direct response to an unhappy thought.

Can I ask a favor of you? Next time you worry….don’t. Replace worry with a smile. If you commune honestly with God, I bet He places that bright smile and a happy face somewhere so blatantly you can not miss it. You will know it is for you when you see it. Smile now.


About Timothy S.

I am of lover of all. I love people. I believe everyone should be heard and I hope during that process that peace, love, encouragement, learning and growth are spread throughout society. I would much enjoy if you interact with my Journey so I can learn from you. Sign up for email updates when I post a new article.
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4 Responses to Worry and a Smile

  1. Roxsburg, Cheeseburger says:

    Tim that was good reading. Just to let you know that Kane was also Grass Hopper. It seems that all your writing has phrases from some type of song. I guess you just have music in your heart that’s not a bad feature to have. Just wonder why you can’t sing? Oh well, at least you remember the words that’s better than most. Keep trying one day someone will enjoy your singing. Oh the smiley face came from a guy who was down on his luck and met Forest Gump, it was Gump that gave him the idea. Maybe you can be some one’s Gump someday. Can’t wait to see you next writing, I don’t care if you lick windows on the school bus you don’t let anyone get you down my little buddy.

  2. Normalicious says:

    Thank you Tim, for remanding me to be a worry free woman.
    Great message and article my friend!

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