How Good is God

How Good is God?

Written truly by Timothy Schwartz
(Just a guy on a journey)


I am about to show you.

It is New Years Day. U2 has a song about nothing changing on New Year’s Day. I disagree, everything changed for me today January 1, 2012.

I am on the road with John Eddie and his band serving as John’s road manager. My head lifts itself off the pillow as my weary eyes open and I break routine.

Normally, I grab my phone first thing with anticipation and read my daily devotion at Our Daily Bread. In a twist of habit for me before interacting with my phone I immediately go to the Lord in prayer praising him relentlessly. Praise after praise flowing almost uncontrollably from my heart.
My morning starts with one praise after the other. What a powerful way to start a new year. I love it!

In the hotel room, my eyes glance at the plastic alarm clock in bright red numbers as almost to warn me that breakfast in a short while will no longer be available. I soon realize the wafflemaker will be cooling off in 20 minutes and if I miss it, the best it gets after that is a kid’s-size box of Cheerios.

I, who never wants to miss the free breakfast at a hotel delayed my morning devotion and grabbed Gideons’ Bible under my arm. I quickly shuffled quietly out of the room and darted down the narrow hallway to the iconic elevator that always seems lost in space when you are in a rush.

After pushing the button 19 times
I made way to the breakfast area that was packed with either hungry or just punctual people. Carrying an abundant amount of joy in my heart I smiled graciously at the people as they heated up their waffles and toasted their English Muffins.

Sipping my very first cup of coffee in 2012. I prayed Lord, show me what you want me to read today and with no page perusing or sifting of any chapters I opened the Bible right away to Psalm 145. In Psalm 145, I read all about God’s love, kindness and GOODNESS with his loving compassion for all that He made. The first verse starts with “Praises” as I was doing the same a few minutes earlier upstairs. It was right on. What timing…

I was a little troubled but optimistic and grateful about Psalm 145:9 . He says “The Lord is GOOD TO ALL, He has compassion on all He has made.”

Now mind you, I wasn’t questioning God and I have no doubt that God is living and is alive and well today but I did say to myself, “Good to all?? ”

How can that be accurate? How about the people that are suffering from various ailments, loss of love, and even premature deaths.

I do not know the answer to those questions but I was walking with so much love and grace in my heart when I got back to my room, I picked up John Eddie’s Gibson guitar that entertained many the night before and I chose to continue in my worship to God via a well broken-in acoustic guitar.

I plucked a G chord on the beat-up six string that looks like Willie Nelson’s guitar on its worst day. Instantly a melody flowed from my heart much to the bass player’s dismay for Keith was still snoring. I gently strummed two chords repetitiously from G to A minor. I whispered in my untuned voice over and over…

“I will sing, sing you praises…
I will sing, sing you Pslams.

I will sing, sing I will sing, sing you praises…
I will sing, sing you Pslams. praises.
I will sing, sing a new song.

I will sing, sing you praises…
I will sing, sing you Pslams.

I am thankful for my savior
And I am saved because of the nails put through his palms.

I will sing, sing you praises…
I will sing, sing you Pslams.”

Keith being the friendly guy that he is jumped out of bed and said it sounds pretty good but try it this way.
He confidently grabbed the guitar from me and added a McCartney touch of Blackbird notes to my Johnny Cash sounding tune.

It was the birth of my first songwriting session that was designed purely for God’s glorification.

My morning started with so much grace and now I see why.
God positioned me for the news I would receive today while I drove the band home. Here is where He showed me His compassion and goodness just like He said He would in the hotel breakfast area.

In my cheerfulI mood with the van nearly on auto pilot I learned that my former wife got engaged a few days before Christmas to a man that moved in with my wife and kids and used my house as his home. Yes we were separated for a few months by her choice, however, she was still lawfully and hopefully married to me. As the band would tell you and anyone that knew me I was hoping my family would be restored and this by far was the most painful thing I ever endured in my life.

Not long ago, I would have preferred death to such news of my wife marrying another man and would wonder what that day will look like if and when it comes. I wondered, how will I react if this divorce goes through and she falls in love with someone else.

My reaction: Well…. I did not flinch with even the slightest amount of hurt, pain, or even disappointment. I actually smiled and was happy for her for she is professing such happiness. (This is nothing short of the Holy Spirit acting in me for He is alive and well, our great Comforter.)

God talks about peace beyond our understanding when we lean into Him. While I have known Christ most of my life, I leaned into Jesus heavily since Nov 2009, two months after my unwanted separation, I realized I am nothing on my own and I need His help.

So God worked in my life today as the Holy Spirit moved inside my heart saying it’s all good, it’s all good Tim. Yes, He is GOOD! He saved me from more pain today and actually turned potential disaster into a miraculous smile.

So is God good?

Of course He is.

Photo courtesy of the one and only Shara Michele. Thanks Shara.


About Timothy S.

I am of lover of all. I love people. I believe everyone should be heard and I hope during that process that peace, love, encouragement, learning and growth are spread throughout society. I would much enjoy if you interact with my Journey so I can learn from you. Sign up for email updates when I post a new article.
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    Thank you for helping me to grow also.

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