Will HE talk Write Now?

Will He talk Right/Write Now?

I recently developed an interest in writing. Yesterday I attended a seminar about writing that I heard promoted on a local radio station.

After spending my day at the presentation, I asked God, “Is this what you want me to do?” I personally would much rather speak than write.

The next morning, I attended a workshop at my church about hearing from God. The good news is we can all hear from God everyday. One way to hear His voice is to pray in faith and listen.

The teacher led us in prayer and asked God that He speaks to us now and tells us what He wants to tell us.

As I await in prayer, all of a sudden I am hearing write, write, write, did you hear me? Write.
God’s voice whispered in my ear to write.

The teacher prayed and left a moment of silence in between her words while we listened for God’s voice. After each request she asked of God, she allowed a few seconds of quietness while we waited for God to speak to us.

The students sat quietly with our eyes closed. I heard God. He told me to write. This was not the answer I expected to hear and I asked God to tell me if this is what I really should be doing.

I sat quietly in God’s presence listening ever so closely waiting for a confirmation of what I heard him say to me. Momentarily, the silence broke. The next two words out of the teacher’s mouth during the prayer flowed very clearly in her gentle Southern voice “Riiiight NOW!…listen for His voice.”

RIGHT NOW? WRITE NOW??? Although it is spelled differently, I heard what the teacher said. Phonetically she softly exclaimed “Write Now.”

Class was soon dismissed and I found myself during the worship service, listening to the singer burst out with a song based upon Revelation 5:12. Melodically he projected “RIGHT NOW (Write Now) hear God’s voice!”

During the sermon, the preacher inquired “Right Now (Write Now) what is the holy spirit saying to you?

I know what HE is saying to me and I asked Him for confirmation.

Lured by the fresh aroma of brewing coffee, I strolled into the volunteer lounge at Church and saw a woman sitting alone so I joined her. There was a pen on the table and it drew my attention for all the other tables were void of any writing instruments. I think maybe the pen represents writing.

The woman was painfully introverted so in an effort to continue a conversation after a stall for words, I asked what does her husband do. He is a motivational speaker and he writes.

I found it interesting that out of 20 empty tables I pull up a chair next to someone that tells me her husband is a writer. I stared at that pen once again as if it stared blankly back towards me. I fully tuned into the message being sent to me.

On my way home I listened to a sermon on my I phone about wisdom. The pastor spoke of a plethora of wisdom found in the many books that have been written over the years. He mentioned writings of Charles Spurgeon from well over 100 years ago that still have meaning today.

So, I believe I should write. Will my thoughts collected on paper be read 100 years from now? Highly unlikely. I predict a shelf life of anywhere from 100 seconds to a 100 days before my journal entry is long forgotten by my casual readers and friends.

I do hope the Lord uses my writings to encourage you today and you see how God works in people’s lives. I hope to be able to depart some lessons, knowledge and answers I pick up along this journey I am on.

Maybe some words will resonate with you as I write about my experiences in God’s presence and you see God’s hand in our daily living.

HE created us and loves us and HE takes joy in communicating with us. HE will guide us and tell us what to do and what direction we should best follow.

Do you care to hear from HIM today? Ask HIM and listen. Tune in. You will receive a word.

He may speak right now and you may want to journalize it and write it down right now. If so, please share with me. 🙂 /em>


About Timothy S.

I am of lover of all. I love people. I believe everyone should be heard and I hope during that process that peace, love, encouragement, learning and growth are spread throughout society. I would much enjoy if you interact with my Journey so I can learn from you. Sign up for email updates when I post a new article.
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