“She Will”

crocus“She Will”

As a single guy I recently created that infamous list of what I want in “The One.” The list resides inside my iPhone Notes for easy recall.

With today’s first cup of coffee in hand reading the verse of the day, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” (Philippians 4:6).  I thought of something I should add to my list.  Something I “must” have.

Speaking into my notepad and updating my request I wrote “She must …” the phone changed the sentence automatically to “She will…”

Brewing a second cup of coffee I decide to open Microsoft Word and think this through a bit and capture my thoughts.  Must vs. Will.  Must sounds like a requirement as in something she “must” do whereas “will” sounds much more pleasing as in she will….

So the Lord is telling me not to stress about it because she will…. and do not put a “must” requirement on her. He tells us not to be anxious about ANYTHING but in EVERYTHING bring your concerns to Him.  Let’s be thankful that He listens to us and gives us wise instructions (bring your requests to God) for our own benefit.

What is it she will do?  Ha, I reserve the right to share that in a future writing but in the meantime I strongly recommend all couples read the book, “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman.

And yes there are a number of things she must be in order for us to be a perfect match, I have no doubt in the Lord’s hand she will be and I just got a big peaceful smile writing this sentence because I know she will…..


P.S.  As I just downloaded the picture of the crocus I took yesterday so I can use the photo for this article, the computer reads “Processing request”  I download pictures everyday for work and I have never noticed that.  Coincidence I am sure.  🙂 I think that may spark another story.


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I love when God speaks to me. I wanted to write a story about Jubilee today but I was not sure where to start it for it speaks to me in so many ways. With a story too complicated to write about on paper, I quickly wrote a song this morning with Jubilee in the chorus. I liked the melody so much there was time to sip two cups of early morning coffee before I put the six-string down. I think I may title the celebratory song “Busted Open.”
I still did not have a story per se to write about although I knew I wanted to write about Jubilee for the jubilance that radiates in my cheerful heart. Pulling my morning verse from my box of God’s promises I get Leviticus 25:21 where it says I will command my blessing on you. I wanted to learn more about that and I look up Leviticus 25.
Wouldn’t you know it? Leviticus 25 is the story of Jubilee. I was so excited and it sparked the words I am writing now.
My word for the year is Jubilee. Jubilee occurs every 50 years as per the book of Leviticus in the Old Testament. Jubilee is when all debts are forgiven, possessions returned, slaves are set free and the land lays fallow for a year and you live off the prior year’s harvest. It is a year-long celebration of rest and prosperity.
2016-2017 is an actual Jubilee year according to Jewish scholars. The last Jubilee year was 50 years ago in 1967 when Israel won the war in six days.
I also turned 50 during this time so I claimed my word for the year as Jubilee and what a jubilant year it has been for me.
Praise the Lord I started a new business and it is prospering with His blessing upon it. I get restored on a daily basis with much joy in my heart and the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I have taken the word Jubilee so seriously when I learned there is a micro-brewery on the Southern Coast of California with a beer named Jubilee, I went there recently to have one.
Jubilee is alright with me and the beer taste fine and I am not even much of a beer guy. Jubilee! Jubilee! I have been set free.
Well….this story was going to end on that note but I just looked up the Brewery that hand crafts Jubilee beer on Facebook to get a picture of the custom brew for this article and once again my message is confirmed. The page has 133 “Likes”. I recently wrote a story called “133” for the number has special meaning to me. God is always speaking when we serve Him and we put Him at the center of our heart. He is incredibly awesome and so caring and loving.
So my new ending for this story is…..Jubilee Baby! You bet ya! Jubilee!!!

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A Lost Key


A few months ago a “Key-West” keychain sporting a Volkswagon key sits alone in the street as I drift by walking my dog. After contacting the police hoping they have a lost-and-found and knocking on a few of the neighbors doors; I could not find the owner of the key.

I liked the KW keychain so I put the spare keys to my truck on it and tossed the keys in that notorious “junk-drawer” we all have in the kitchen.  I forgot attaching my keys to the ring but I knew the VW key was tucked away in hiding.
With the day off today,  I said to myself, today is a good day for me to find the spare keys to my truck in case I should need them.

Yesterday, on the outskirts of my neighborhood, I noticed two Volkswagons on top of the hill. Another thing on my to-do list for today was to check in with them and see if they lost a VW key.
Grabbing the key today to go knock on the door and see if they are the rightful owner, I notice two silver keys dangling from it. Apparently I used the key chain to store my spare keys and forgot doing so.

Standing behind the door is a man with an Eastern European accent and I like to learn a word or two in every language. It is his spare key. After the key exchange, I ask the gentleman where he is from.  He staunchly answers…Bulgaria.  So now I know how to say “friends” in Bulgarian.

In doing a good deed today I accomplish something that was on my to-do list while knocking off a second item on my list.

There’s a negative saying that no good deed goes unpunished. I choose to reframe that saying and say good deeds are re-warded.

Today I found my spare keys and spent no time in searching for them as they popped out of the junk-drawer and I learned a new word.  I feel rewarded to have found my spare keys and I am happy I can greet someone in the Bulgarian language.

Thanks for reading my приятелиv (friends in Bulgarian).

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The Door Test 

It is the mid-1960s the setting and the scene are both borrowed from the film a Bronx Tale. 

The young 17 year old impressionable boy just started driving and is being mentored by a local mob boss whom carries a tremendous amount of respect in the all Italian neighborhood.

Sonny the mobster teaches the teenager a lesson whom was dating a girl from another race. Back then that was as controversial as if Snoopy was hanging out with Felix the Cat.

In a New York City accent, Sonny says (paraphrased), after you open the car door for her and you go to put the keys in to unlock your door, if she reaches over and unlocks your door for you, she’s a good woman and worth keeping. 

If she does not open the door for you, get rid of her and run the other way. 

I adopt this lesson to modern times for it is rare to find a car these days containing manual locks. 

Adaptively applying the same lesson in similar fashion, I ask the woman what her favorite Bible verse is; and after her response, if she asks me mine, she’s a potential keeper, if she does not ask me mine, that is not a good sign. She is probably self-absorbed. 

If it is a mindless moment for her and she does not ask me my favorite verse, and yet I have an interest in her, I may have to rent a car with manual locks and see if she leans over to unlock my door. 

I write this story with tongue-in-cheek yet with a subtle amount of seriousness. 

At the root of a good relationship, I believe it needs to be paved with strong and similar values and valuing the other person is key. 
If any possible future relationship of mine stumbles across this blog and reads this story, you are given a heads-up, lol. 

The moment is magical in the movie when the teenage girl reaches over to open the lock for the protagonist in the tale, of course the moment is shown in slow-motion as the boy gets an extra skip in his step riddled with excitement and a high-five type of smile and shouts yes! 

Kindness feeds the soul.

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In awe my jaw drops serendipitously as my Pastor opens today’s message by stating, “Lately, I keep seeing the number 133.”  This prompting leads Pastor Nick to teach about Psalm 133 from the Old Testament of God’s written Word.

I nearly fall off my chair.  133 is a number that is near and dear to my heart in a way that no words can describe but I will attempt such measure in a future writing when the time is right.  I have only shared this “magic” number with a handful of people for it is too personal to write about publicly, but today I am compelled to share what I will call my lucky number (133) for simplicity sake.

As Pastor Nick says 133, I instinctively shout out from the last row in church. “That’s my number,” and he responds, Tim knows what I mean with numbers representing things.

I do know what he means.  I totally get it.  God speaks to us in a way that we get it.  He speaks our language and He speaks to our heart.  He speaks to us in a language we will understand.  Sometimes it is a puzzle and a mystery.  It makes for great conversation.

133 appears in my life every single day without fail as He confirms the word UNITY to me. The Bible says in Psalm 133, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.”

After I shout out “That’s my number”, the young and brand-new first time Dad sitting in front of me turns around  with a proud smile only a new Dad can have and whispers, “Abigail was born at 1:33.”

Sometimes God whispers in our ear and sometimes He has to knock a more dense person over the head with a message such as myself.  It’s all good, I will take it anyway He gives it.

As I write this story, I open up the dashboard of my blog to begin writing this message and wouldn’t you know it, 133 is on top of the screen glaring in blue letters.  Apparently I have published 133 times at http://www.justaguyonajourney.com

Allow me to ask you, does God speak to you in numbers?  Care to share?  Post a comment or email me. For me, 133 is the form of a modern day angel.  May God release His angels and messages whole-heartedly upon you.  Just ask Him, see what happens and keep your ears and eyes open.  I love you.

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Brinjoy?? You may ask what the heck is that?  Is there such a word?  I think not, it is a cheap rip-off of the word enjoy which is derived strategically from the word joy.

I fabricated the word in Jersey City style where the letter g gets dropped sometimes from the end of the word; for example, as said with an accent, bringin instead of the proper word bringing.

If you bring joy to someone you are practicing “brinjoy.”

Allow me to encourage you by inviting you to bring joy (brinjoy) to someone whether it be the next person you see in the street, at work, or at a mall as people shuffle briskly during the madness of this season; some completely stressed out just wanting to get home.  You can brinjoy fast and for free simply by flashing a peaceful and happy smile.

You can also brinjoy via a text, or a phone call to a long lost friend or distant family member.  Make the lost art of a phone call and simply let them know you are thinking of them.

How about the gift of an inexpensive poinsettia?  I recently brought a fire-engine red poinsettia to an elderly lady whom I met briefly only one time, it completely brightened her day and the thought of bringing her an unexpected gift brought her joy.  She could not believe the seasonal plant was for her.

The joy on her face was as if a squirrel found a pound of already shelled acorns at the bottom of a tree within a few feet of its nest.  I enjoyed this act of brinjoy before I even gave it a name.  I enjoyed her delighted reaction.  Now that I gave it a label, I will make it a point to brinjoy at least once a day.

Brinjoy.  I’d love to see it appear in the Webster Dictionary as a new and useful word.

Again, the next place you go…..brinjoy.  You will be happy you did.

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Through the Mist and Forever! 

Humidity registers at 100 percent on a New York State mountain on the dawn after thunder-storms broke the late night sky. Stickier than freshly-coated honey buns, we march through the forest with very little stopping along the way and with much huffing and puffing we finally reach the summit.   

Normally from this rocky mountainside you can see for miles and miles and on a clear day catch a slight glimpse of New York City but not today.

Today the mist is so thick, maybe we can see 200 feet beyond the cliff in the pure steam-filled skies as if the lake below is an overflowing boiling pot of water that blew its cover. 

Today, I cannot see the city but I do KNOW tall buildings are reaching for the sky this very moment. With amazing awe, I have experienced the breath-taking view from this vantage point on a number of occasions and I promise you NYC is still there.

But I can not see it. How do I know it is actually there? Well…sometimes we can see things and some days we can not.  

On days you can not see it does not mean the facts have changed, as mentioned, we know the city still stands tall across the cloudy skies. It is still there. 

I relate this to love in some degree. We may not always see it but it is still there. Some days your loved ones may not actively display loving actions or thoughts but that does not mean the love is not there, maybe you simply can not see it today because of a recent storm and on others days your heart swells up bigger than a canyon in Arizona. 

That is how it is with God’s love. Some days His love manifests itself so powerfully, the joyful experience offers more peace in five minutes than one may get in three full days of peace, love, and music in Woodstock, NY. 

On others days maybe it can not be seen but it is still there. He promises us throughout the scriptures and He showed His love to the world via a sacrifice (to end all sacrifices) so we can experience His love.

God’s love is always there. His written Word (The Bible) says seek me and you will find me and God is love. My take on that is seek God and you will find love. I know I did, Praise the Good Lord! 

For me, I would not want to take this journey any other way than finding true-love. A love that never ends and never fails and as I just noticed on my shirt in the enclosed picture, a love that lasts Forever and Forever is a long time. Amen!! 

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Ocean’s Ten Cents

Out for a walk in the crisp soft rain a small shiny piece of metal lies face up in the street.  
So what’s the big deal,there’s a dime on the ground? For me the big deal is I met this guy in San Francisco recently and he finds a dime on the ground every single day for the last 12 years. He is the epitome of a free spirit. He says he sold his company, sold his BMW, and sold his jet-ski and moved to Hawaii where he earns $50 a week creating some sort of green sustainable ecosystems. 

After my trip home from San Francisco I was chatting with a friend when she asked me what am I going to write about next, I tell her, “While in California, I met a guy named Ocean and he finds a dime on the ground every single day and there may be a story I can write about him finding a dime everyday, I just don’t know what the message is yet.”
Sure enough as I speak these words, FDR’s Presidential head lies face up on the sidewalk. There it is. A dime laying in the street, (talk about timing).

I find a dime here and there every once in a while, but tonight when I stumbled across a dime on a late night summer-stroll through the gentle misty rain it begs me to ask the question what does this mean? 
I still do not know the answer but I find it remarkable that I came across the dime as I was telling a friend the story about this guy I met in San Fran finding a dime everyday. 
Ocean finds spiritual significance in finding a ten cent piece, for me, I think it may symbolize God will always provide for me financially. 
I have become Facebook friends with Ocean and of course when I found the dime I messaged him a picture of the dime I found in the street, his typed reply is, 

“that is so kewl,,, try to remember what you were thinking about at the time,,, thats what i do,,,, try to find the spiritual meaning to it,,,,,,, haaa now you have your own collection !!!! you are on your spiritual journey!!!!on step everyday !!!! aloha!!!”
What was I thinking when I found the dime?? Well, the fact is I was thinking about Ocean at that very moment and thinking about “writing” a story about him.  

I will take Ocean’s advice and try to find the spiritual meaning to all this..
Ha, I think it just hit me. When speaking to Ocean in California, he was convinced that I am to be a writer. Afterall, Ocean’s real name is Jeremiah and Jeremiah is an Old Testament prophet and my favorite verse comes from that book.
What if I am to write and God is telling me to spend more time doing it and the rest will fall into place? That could be delightfully cool.
Unlike Ocean, I don’t have a BMW to give up and I don’t have a jet-ski to sell and I’m not ready to plant plantations in Hawaii for $50.00 a week but I do know God provides for His children and from here on in every time I find a dime in the street I will be reminded of Ocean’s message.  
Angels deliver messages and Ocean conveyed a message to me, maybe Ocean is an angel. 
I don’t know for sure but until I do, In Harry Chapin style, I will stuff the bill (or in this case-a dime) in my shirt and I will pray for Ocean with every dime I find.  Care to join me?  

When you find a dime, say a quick prayer for Ocean.  He will be forever blessed. 

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Breathtaking Beauty

Standing in Church today the guest preacher asserts, “Our beauty takes God’s breath away.”  I think to myself….Does it really? Do we really take His breath away??

I know God sees us as diamonds as I wrote in a recent journal entry and I believe He sees us as beautiful as I mention in my previous “Beautiful You” writing but breathtaking? How many people can take your breath away? I’ve seen a few but the amount is in the single digits.

Right after the preacher proclaimed this bold statement, with my eyes closed, I ask God if that statement is true. My thoughts toward God were, I know you see me as a diamond but if what this guy (preacher) is saying is true let me see diamonds.

I suppose I could have looked on the left hand on some of the engaged or married women nearby and seen a few representations of somebody’s love and commitment shining forth on their ring finger but I like to ask God for less obvious clues.

Opening my eyes and looking towards the pulpit, I do not see anything. I glance down and nearly popping off the chair is a pattern made of diamonds. I have been going to the same church for three years and I never noticed the diamonds all around me.

When God wants to show us something He will make sure the message is perfectly clear. As if the diamond fabric answer did not satisfy my soul as soon as the service is over, I turn around and say hello to the lady behind me and it just so happened that she is the woman that sang the words “Your love is like radiant diamonds” sparking my previous diamond story written last month.

I tell her I wrote a story about diamonds and how she inspired it. Pointing out the diamonds on the chair; I share with her diamonds are everywhere and without hesitation she shows me her notepad and says,

“I know, I was drawing diamonds, look…the diamonds are dripping diamonds.”

Taken back in delightful surprise, with a WOW, I ask if can I take a picture of the diamonds she doodled.

I share this story with you because I want you to be encouraged and for you to know your true beauty, “breathtaking beauty.” You take God’s breath away!

Apparently we do take God’s breath away. I do not know why I am surprised by this conclusion, after all He made us.

God is very much alive and He speaks to us vividly. He spoke this breathtaking message to me today and how we take His breath away. Simply ask God a question and listen. His answer may just take your breath away too. It certainly took mine. 🙂

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“A Proverb A Day”


“An apple a day….” Well, you know the rest… “keeps the doctor away.”

I know of something even better than that. I call it “A Proverb a day.” Reading and applying just one Proverb a day gives you more wisdom than an ant working diligently everyday in the summer storing up its food for the winter.

Imagine taking a shot of wisdom each and every day for free. I say shot because they are less than one page each yet chock-full of instant and powerful wisdom. The Book of Proverbs beams a total of thirty-one chapters. I like to see it as one for each day of the month.

You can find time-tested winning words in the Old Testament of the Bible. The 31 chapters are loaded with God’s wisdom spoken through King Solomon who is arguably of course considered the wisest King of all time and certainly the wealthiest.

It is no coincidence the Book of Proverbs contains 31 chapters. By ingesting one chapter a day, every day, you complete the whole Book of Proverbs each month 12 times a year. You are privileged to have access to such sage advice twelve times a year ensuring this available wisdom sinks into today’s mind that is more cluttered than the contents of a 3,000 square-foot home being stored in a 100 square foot storage shed.

Clear your mind for a minute or two each morning and start your day with Godly instructions. You may gain a productive/rewarding, and healthy life when you apply the principles Proverbs suggest. The King’s Proverbs teach us about foolishness, wisdom, pride, fear, wealth, gossip, insecurity and a whole host of pertinent ideologies as well as today’s materialistic concerns.

A Proverbial example is Proverbs 12:24 suggesting diligent hands will rule for laziness ends in forced labor. This Proverb is probably common sense but applying it is where wisdom comes in. God offers His wisdom freely if you ask Him for it. Sometimes wisdom is just common sense with ardent application.

I encourage you to start today. Pull out your Bible to whatever day you are reading this writing and read the one-page Proverb of the day.  If you are reading this article on the 24th day of the month, start with Proverbs Chapter 24.

Start today. It is a good-read and offers keys to prosperity with a well-balanced life. Wisdom can be as sweet as the sticky stuff bees make after digesting nectar and storing it in a wax comb. Read Proverbs 24:13,14 below:

13 “My son, eat thou honey, because it is good; and the honeycomb, which is sweet to thy taste:

14 So shall the knowledge of wisdom be unto thy soul: when thou hast found it, then there shall be a reward, and thy expectation shall not be cut off.” 

Wisdom is good for the soul and leads to a reward, a reward of hope and hope is a good thing.:)

What’s your favorite Proverb? Do you have one.? Do tell.

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