Eagle Spirit/Honorary Eagles

The Eagle Spirit/Honorary Eagles
Last night I had the great pleasure of seeing my son get awarded the highest honor the Boy Scouts maintain with the rank of Eagle Scout. Only 4% of the scouts become official card-carrying Eagle Scouts for you must reach the rank by the age of 18 or you are disqualified.
Eagles are taught to have character, be diligent, and to help others. They work hard and make a giant commitment to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.
My son is now part of an elite brotherhood that carries ancient prestige from 1910 just over a century ago when the Boy Scouts began their charter.

A familiar boy-scout slogan is to “Do a good turn daily.” The vast majority of our population are not Eagle Scouts and will never be Eagle Scouts yet the mindset of the Eagles would benefit society at large if it were multiplied on a larger scale.
With that in mind, wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all adopted the Boy Scout motto and do a good turn every day? How would other people benefit if you did a good deed every-day? How would you feel if you committed to do a good deed every-day and filled your commitment?
Can we be honorary Eagles and exemplify the values and the service of actual Eagle Scouts? Are we willing to refresh others?
I invite anyone who is reading this story to do a good deed everyday. With or without the title and pin of an Eagle Scout, we can all adopt this beneficial principle.
Are you ready? Are you willing to help the elderly cross the street or help them unload their car with groceries? Are you willing to give somebody a jumpstart when the battery on their car is dead or shovel a stranded person out of the snow when their tires spin relentlessly in the white-stuff and their vehicle is motionless?
We can all have the Eagle’s spirit. It is an act of service. Care to join the honorary ranks?

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A Safe Walk

Cars gliding by 35-40 miles per hour including a police-car passing by a blind-woman attempting to cross the Hamburg Turnpike showing her no regard.
A gentleman in an MG convertible is stopped in front of me waiting for the woman to cross the street but the oncoming cars continued on. At this point, I flip on my hazard lights, get out of my car and stop the oncoming traffic allowing the lady to cross the street as she puts out her stick and taps the Hamburg Turnpike making sure nothing is in her path.  

The cars are now stopped and she is stationary on the side of the road other than a tap-tap coming from an extended long black stick. It is now safe for her to cross the street as I play traffic-cop for a brief minute along a busy NJ roadway and direct the woman across the street. 

My good friend Rick O’Neill texts me a Bible verse every single morning. This morning’s verse states “You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety. You will lie down, with no one to make you afraid, and many will court your favor.” Job 11:18,19

I hope the women I helped across the street today hears that verse one day and thinks of the help she receives from other caring citizens that most likely do the same thing I did in seeing to her safety. 

She can look about and most likely see nothing, yet there is hope she can rest in safety because the Lord says that in the book of Job. 

I like it…

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52 Words/Challenge 

  52 Word Challenge

The word prepare radiates in my mind while hiking in the Apashawa Preserve today.

I want to apply this word to my life, taking a brief moment on a giant rock along the rigid trail, I capture the word prepare on paper. Scribbling 7 letters (p r e p a r e) in my school-grade composition book, my thoughts turn to other words that carry the potential for improving my quality of life. 

The first dozen or so words jump as quickly onto my paper faster than a 5 pound dog can chase a fleeing squirrel. After writing a dozen or so powerful words, the words do not roll off my pen as quickly as the first set.

After a moment or two in nature’s sanctuary, I find it wise to jot down 52 words. Fifty-two words feeds me one word a week that I can focus on and implement into my being. 

The next set of words came to mind so quickly I did not stop at 52. A sample of words that struck me after the first 52 words are Refine, Dance, Explore, Culture, Accept, Approve, Renovate, Relieve, Friendship, Goal….

I ponder each word and how I can apply it for a more meaningful, well-intended journey. 

I invite you to invite my 52 set of words into your life with daily application 7 days at a time for each word.  

I will write one word a week on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/justaguyonajourney or you can pop open a notebook and write down words that come to you personally.

Feel free to share your words on my blog or on my Facebook page. Are you ready for the 52 week word challenge? What word are you starting with? 

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50 Things 

 50 Things

The Next 100 years is a beautiful love song by Bon Jovi where he testifies his love to someone for the next 100 years. Now granted that may sound ritually romantic but it is also unrealistic. Keep the 100 years. I will be happy with another 50 years.
I can relate more to the singer songwriter James Maddock (age 50ish) in his song Another Life. He goes on to sing about his desire to live for another 50 years and he mentions a few of the things he would do during this time-period that he calls Another Life.
He mentions riding an elephant, sailing the Baltic Sea, hiking the Himalayas, backpacking in Australia and maybe learn to play the sitar. Those things sound like fun and with the right resources we can all do those fun-filled things and more if we so desire. One important resource we need to do this is time. Perhaps, another 50 years.
As the chorus gets sung by the raspy voice English-born songwriter,”We all want another life, another 50 years to see the Outback and the Himalayas….,” it prompts me to want another 50 years and causes me to think what would I do in the second-half of life that I did not do in my first 49 years.
The suggestion in the song is we all want another 50 years to do things we did not do in the first half of our lives. If you are a contemporary of mine and turning 50 soon, allow me to encourage you to write down 50 things to put on your bucket-list with the goal of accomplishing one of them a year for the next fifty years.
50 things!?! Start writing now.
Ok, I am closing this writing now because I am going to start jotting a few things on my list. Raise a glass to the next fifty years. I trust they shall be awesome. Come hike the Himalayas with me.

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The Earth is Filled…


Holy…Holy…Holy, the earth is filled with His glory. Yes it is. It permeates everywhere.

Yes, unfortunately there is cruelty in this world but beauty also abounds everywhere.

Look around you. Do you see it? Who are you sitting next to right now? Thank the Lord for them, appreciate their God-given beauty. It is God’s glory that created that person.

If you have no one next to you right now, go look in the mirror. Open your eyes wide and see the glory in the reflection and your “one of a kind” creation that you endow this planet with.

Smile wide, internalize this gleaming glory and allow God’s glory to infiltrate your heart.

Now go outside and look up at the bright sun, shining stars, or even the darkest cloud. Glory will bust through that low hanging cloud soon, either through refreshing rain-drops or at the break of a new day with rays of sun to warm your heart, soul, and Earth.

Yes indeed, the Earth is filled with His glory.

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A Hungry Heart for the Homeless

Hungry people lined up at Kyle's car.

Hungry people lined up at Kyle’s car.

Today one of my Texas buddies passed from this earth and went home to be with the Lord. This is the text I received from his wife.

Kyle breathed about one minute on his own. In the ultimate healing, the Lord took him home at 10:12 am, Wednesday, October 22, 2014. Praise God for the life that was Chef Kyle Humphrey. He is no longer suffering and in pain. It was my privilege to make sure the little boy who just wanted to be loved knew he was loved and to hold his hand as he passed. I thank the Lord that I know I will see him again in heaven. Hearts for the Homeless will continue in his memory. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to Hearts for the Homeless, 6616 Aztec Ct., Fort Worth, Texas 76135. Thanks! God Bless you! Alma”

Kyle had a strong purpose while here on Earth. He was an example of love. Springsteen’s most popular song “Hungry Heart” comes to mind when I think of Kyle. Kyle’s heart hungered to feed the homeless. Bruce suggests “Lay down your money and you play your part, everybody has a hungry heart” Kyle did. He layed down his money and he played his part and he did it well.

My buddy Kyle not only had the biggest heart of anybody I know, he had a hungry heart for homeless people and wielded a strong desire wanting everybody to be fed that could not afford to eat.

His passion was to make sure nobody In Dallas Fort Worth went hungry. He would have done it every day but with limited resources and funds he could only commit to one day a week. Faithfully every Friday without fail, a long line of hungry homeless people at lunch-time lined themselves up in orderly fashion along a brick wall of an abandoned graffiti style factory and watch Kyle and his wife Alma pull up in their SUV, lift the tailgate as they ran towards his car and distribute a trunk full of brown paper bags. Each bag (sack, as they say in Texas)contained a sandwich, a cold bottled water and a sack of chips or some sort of goodie.

sack lunches

They absolutely loved it. Kyle would recruit four or five volunteers and have an assembly line in his house with each person participating in making the sandwiches while another person opened the sack and another person sealed the sandwich in a baggie. Kyle smiled the biggest smile with joy written all over his face while overseeing this process take place in his own home.

Kyle was once homeless and he promised God if he gets his own home he would feed the homeless and take fresh food to the streets.. And he did. He started a charity/ministry called “Hearts for the Homeless”

His wife is hoping this ministry continues in Kyle’s memory,
You can like his page on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/heartsforthehomeless If you care to donate any small amount to this noble cause, just send a check to Hearts for the Homeless.

I will always remember Kyle and I will never forget that hot summer Friday afternoon in Texas when I experienced the joy of serving with Kyle for half a day. Kyle’s spirit will live forever. Rest in peace my brother.  You are forever loved!

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See The Moon


“See the Moon”

Looking at the moon tonight it looks surreal, as if strung with paper- mache

Suspended in the low sky, settled in inner-space, boasting another cycle of a wide-open day

Hours went by, moments vanished while time delicately dissipated,

Beauty bled birth, for those that participated

Absorbing awe and God’s glowing creation, while sniffing the smell of a wood-burning stove equals elation

Elaborating on nature is Sacred and sound,

Worth more than solid-gold bars pound after pound

Listen actively, listen for His will,
Cease this moment monumentally allowing the time to stand still

Enjoy every God-given moment! Slow down, hurry-up and slow down and see the moon.

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“Freedom Found”

freedom moon

A harvest-moon hangs low and bright

Heaping healing into the night
A Wrangler jeep heats a white T-shirt, no shoes needed skip the dirt
A hippie cries out plying for peace, suburban saviors quietly control (kill) gassing the geese
Take one out, out to the wild, where a weaning  mother let’s go of her child
A farm fields rest domestically vain, builders count cash grinning greedily with gain
Hands  clasped at the end of an aisle, a little later an attorney opens a file
Give me the wind, branches, a
 and sandy  soil
Born free,  lucky and raggedly Royal
Blessings perpetuate pleading multiplication
blood-stained garments, finds purification
Free at last…
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Names on a Wall

“Names on a Wall”

Names are carried, projected on a wall, no one could predict those towers would fall

The worst of horrors could not envision this dreadful mess when these towers were erected

Reduced in steel and ash, peoples names live on, engraved and hauntingly reflected

With stolen names along the Hudson River,

hateful people had a message to deliver

Lives of many cut down and sold short, introducing warfare of a different sort

Hate helps no one, helps no one fast, hatred caused these airplanes to violently crash

Taking lives, taken wives, taken fathers and men

They cannot take our spirit for that there is no end,

Resiliency and brilliancy, America will not lose,

this is the life we live, it is freedom that we choose

God bless America and every precious person dwelling inside of it, regardless of religion, race or creed

Christian, Jew or Muslim, allow love to identify your breed

These angels fly forever, forever on a wall, allow these names to remind us, we need to love all

The deed was done, cruel, dirty and rotten, but let these names not die in vain, by sharing love so they’ll never be forgotten

God bless our country, bless the north, south, east and west,

Give us love, give us peace, and give these families rest

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A Single Star


A single star shines for infinite

Springing into action flashes of light

Meters are charged at the sounding-board

Wings transparent with patient passthrough

Bubbles of light bounce off the beach
mirroring vibrant colors

The merchant ship seeks a star
Eager for direction

Snowflakes emulate fading away,

a single star forever shines bright to infinite and beyond

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